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Greyer Than You Remember

by Employed To Serve

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Matt thumbnail
Matt These guys should be called Spooky Action because they may be rocking in Woking, but they're kicking ass worldwide. That's right. It's quantum, baby!
marvinx thumbnail
marvinx Seen at Incubate 2016, Tilburg (NL). Great Show!!! Favorite track: Greyer Than You Remember.
No Won
No Won thumbnail
No Won really liked this band since i found them on here. told a local promoter about them, he said he already had had them play and thought i watched them. then earlier this year i went into a bar for a quick pint and saw promoter, asked who was on and it was employed to serve, so i caught last couple of songs Favorite track: Bones To Break.
evlgeneus thumbnail
evlgeneus Employed does a great job of balancing extremely abrasive sounds with tight grooves! Favorite track: Tower Mouth.
Yann thumbnail
Yann Awesome album. Everything is perfect !
Ahsikor thumbnail
Ahsikor Because Employed to Serve is heavy! Favorite track: Bury Yourself (Deep).
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Live Without 00:59
Life is a total let down, brace brace yourself for the disappointment to come tried your best too bad it wasn’t good enough for the rest fuck them learn to live - with out learn to live - with out Learn to live without any of your dreams no one ever told me life is a total let down
I would try and climb these walls but I am scared that there is barbed wire waiting at the top I keep coming to these conclusions, that this is how to live but it doesn’t help all the confusion 17 and no dreams break a leg, break a leg eyes on you make a move like the rest just as they do they all make it look so easy, but it really isn’t now climb into your grave let’s hope you dug it deep, and not shallow like our expectations for you your just one more name on the list nothing new, nothing special raise your hand feel the blade fix a drink reminisce to when you could tolerate life till all hope bled, from your outlook to the ones with the sun in their eyes good for you, your way of life I refrain nothing to you eyes on you make a move eyes on you see it through there’s no motivation to be perfect there’s no motivation to be… like you severed from my life nothing to prove nothing to lose but it all severed from my life nothing to prove lose it all I’ve got to, pretend that life isn’t really happening lost it all I need to, convince myself that I don’t exist I could start dreaming, but how do I dream when I cannot sleep? I could start wishing, but what do I wish for when I don’t know what I want?
I locked all the doors, just to keep me safe but my demons are here with me, and they won’t let me rest I must be a sinner, for this is surely hell? No one else is here with me just ghosts from my past Let me know if I’m still alive let me read between these withered lines I’ve been here before but don’t remember your name I forget more of myself each day I still manage to breathe They always whisper to me, they whisper all day long please don’t sigh I thought I told you before can you hear them to? am I the only one? I won’t sigh anymore Now just keep your promise, don’t bother me anymore I’ll smile through the sadness, as wolves scratch at the door I stand here alone, amongst these faceless and nameless people who shout my name Been left alone, to expire in this place but in their eyes, I died years ago endless I am the one, that time forgot mercy, she loves me not I am the one, that time forgot misery stole my heart and it will tear it apart you became a burden, made me ache you became a strain I locked you, locked you away let the sun set on this eternal day I’m unwanted.
Threads 02:17
I would trade my dreams for you, would you do the same? please amplify your thoughts but I know if I don’t tie you up, with my thread you’ll try and run run away again, again each day you drift, further please don’t go, don’t go I cannot sleep tonight, I would like to cling to your frame like the clothes on your skin I want to be the particles in the air you breathe I want to be, the light in everything you see I walk no path, no one made on for me what is this love, what is this curse? I’ve been living a lie, never again I would trade it all for you sometimes its just best to accept the way things are I would trade my life if I had one to give nothing.
Nothing stays the same apart from you you’ve been stuck in the same place growing weaker you’ve let your life overwhelm you you struggle to swim in this sea of regret regret, consumes you the tide propels you in - the wrong direction treading water for safety regret, becomes you It’s flowing through your veins I’ll try and heal all your wounds but your regret, will rip them open again I’ve never seen you succeed you’ll succeed at not trying and failing again your words of wisdom have never been given I’ll throw myself in the deep end and… Caught in the riptide of regret will you learn how to swim, or will you sink? try and hold your breathe Caught in the riptide of regret you’re going to drown like all the … How much time do you need to correct a lifetime of mistakes? 20 years and nothing’s changed 20 years you’re still the same stop and look at what you’ve become sink or swim? stop and look at what you’ve become you can’t hold your breathe forever you can’t hold your breathe forever you will have to open your lungs and breathe in the life you’ve never had never seen, never lived.
These bones were never meant to be old, lasting they grow weak, weaker and weaker each year rest assured, this is not about you I am withered with every year I am withered with every winter Each one gets colder season gets longer I’ll graciously bow out of this endless cycle We’re wasting away everyone feels it too Everyone is the same everyone has the tendency to break everyone is the same these bones, these bones were made to break Everyone is the same these bones were made to break Bones to break
Tower Mouth 02:13
Let it all bleed but don’t waste a drop the crowd are staring at you needless to say they don’t care, quit it I feel forced please can you help me? I can’t think for myself just try and help you you’re living life with the lights off but with my guidance I’ll save you I’ll make it through good thing I figured it out Mark my words, I was right this whole time I’m just leaving to preach I am the worst Don’t give in, don’t give in think it through, don’t pretend don’t give in, don’t give in I promise you’ll regret this Don’t respond to their ransom don’t respond to their threats Don’t respond to their ransom you’ll follow and regret There’s no time to surrender don’t give in, don’t give in there’s no time to remember don’t repent, don’t repent you fell from your high horse and shattered all of your bones above no one, above nothing you’re just the same
Beg For Rain 02:27
We bury our feelings and prey they don’t come back life comes down like the rain my home is with you The locusts are feeding, our future is bleeding this lust is running through my veins Beg for rain Dark days this is surreal my eyes are green, there is everything to lose but we always want more to death we fight with ourselves just plead your heart won’t escape We take, we take we never learn from our mistakes the only difference is time so open your eyes or this will always haunt you I beg for rain now this is haunting me I beg for rain
You are not alone but you are turning numb addiction to sadness is eclipsing the sun Bury yourself deep Worship your sadness drown in your misery You live to hate yourself Worship your sadness drown in your misery, now Sabotage your chance of happiness just for a shred, shred of recognition No one is listening and no one, cares about your lies try somewhere else we’ve wised up to the shit you sell no one’s convinced I’ve been counting the days until this dies you’ll fade like the others, into the abyss still counting the days you’ll never learn why am I waiting? Your views have been led astray this skin, these bones won’t last forever Worn out excuses, fantasised hardships will crush my will to live why reach for the light? when you flourish in darkness? I’ve never been more disgusted You’ve never tried harder your efforts are pointless, you’re fooling no one Your eyes will always be closed you mind will stay closed never to be remembered, you’re just a failure Failing life.
Let’s forget about 200,000 years of evolution and just stop existing let the air be clean, the river run clear and the roots reclaim the roads turn a blind eye to anything and everything positive humanity has offered every emotion, connection and heart-stopping moment let us see only humanities flaws and dwell on every mistake man has made rather than seeing all of the problems we have overcome, and everything we’ve achieved from nothing… Or we could learn from our mistakes, and better ourselves as humans rather than making the divide between you and me wider don’t be cold, don’t be heartless remember, no one has the answers. We were given hands to feed but some use them to bleed all you humanity from our lives In a world a full as ours 14,000 born every hour I have never felt so alone Seeking pain in the world validates your life outspoken above all, you’re as bad as the one’s you… seeking pain in the world validates your life outspoken above all, you’re as bad as the one’s you hate There’s truth in the words you speak, but that doesn’t mean that you know it all Cold as the rest You think I should leave but this world created me This world created me.


released May 25, 2015

Recorded and mixed by lewis johns - www.lewisjohns.co.uk


all rights reserved



Employed To Serve Woking, UK


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